Future Topics

Future BLOG topics:

We welcome you to suggest a new topic and even contribute the full article yourself.   We are pleased to publish your name as the contributing author.

Here are the anticipated future topics by Category…..


  • Ishare and Dropbox – the benefits of file sharing
  • The real benefits of technology – clearing your mind.
  • Is a 7 inch tablet or a 10 inch tablet best for you.
  • How to keep track of your travel information.
  • That was the most amazing website, but I can’t remember the URL.
  • What database software is best for me?
  • What are the keys to the paperless office.
  • Software design, what are the 10 basics?
  • Software as a Service

Personal Banking and Finance

  • Why you need accounts at more than one bank.
  • The low cost credit card offer
  • When is the right time to invest?
  • How to identify rising or falling markets?
  • The best way to track your bank accounts
  • Transferring money electronically between bank accounts
  • The push and pull of paying your bills electronically.
  • What stocks are best to buy now?

Business and Economics

  • Crime as a form of rent control
  • Helping to right the mortgage crisis
  • How to restore growth to the economy
  • Since 2008, where did all the money go?
  • How to add networking to your business growth strategy

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